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FENTON™ by Apex Biocare

In the midst of the pandemic outbreak, everyone become more aware of the importance of self-cleanliness and disinfection. It is a healthy sign that today's youth are used to wearing masks in order to protect themselves and those around them.
In spite of it, most of them undervalue the power of bacteria and viruses and fail to take more steps to optimize their chances of avoiding infection.
Many innocent voices were heard stating that they wore masks all the time but they still became infected.
But why?
This is due to the fact that they did not properly remove their mask & also did not properly sanitize their skin such as hands and face.
The fact that people remove their masks and sanitize themselves appropriately using products that are not as effective and require repetive steps, people eventually get exhausted over time.

Is there something that can provide long-lasting defense with only one application?


100% Natural with 99.5% Water

Water + ION (Fe2+, Cu2+, Zn2+)
Produce OH• Radicals

OH• Radicals kill all types of bacteria and viruses as well as moulds. Also disinfecting both in the air and on surfaces in a harmless for humans method. FENTON™ developed a novel advanced oxidation process for all-round sterilisation and disinfection. Apart from that, it also efficiently breaks down odorous compounds(VOCs).

Kills 99.99% of Germs

48 Hours Germ-Free Coating
Recharging by Any Visible Lights

Any visible Light activates & reactivates the transition metal ions (Fe2+, Cu2+, Zn2+) in FENTON™ to produce free radicals(OH•) continuously. This explained how FENTON™ providing continuous virus protection and virus elimination coating. Afterward, the sprayed layer will form a self-sterilizing protective coating on the surface that lasts until it is wiped off or washed away.



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There's no better natural product than FENTON™ to provide perfect protection to your baby and anyone around you.

Do not be skeptical about FENTON™ because it is a 100% natural product and its efficacy has been proven in unchallenging clinical studies and supported by numerous lab reports.

Photo Fenton Reaction フォトフェントン反応.pdf

360° Protection & Disinfection

Just Water & Natural ION

Rechargable by Any Visible Lights

Using ION,
Better Than Nanotechnology.

99.50% of Water
Hours Protection
Natural %


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