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We started with a simple idea.

Apex Biocare overview

Apex Biocare Sdn Bhd is a manufacturer of nutraceutical OEM/ODM products that include functional food supplements as well as functional food supplements and beverages. Using the advantages of Malaysian Tropical Rainforest Plant Bioactives Phytonutrients harnessed with the latest Natural Food Biotechnology Extraction, we aim to improve the quality of life of those who enjoy an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. In addition to product development services, we offer data research and analysis, product formulation, product planning, manufacturing production arrangements, ingredient testing and analysis, packaging design, and product licensing.

From humble beginnings, Apex Biocare Sdn Bhd has grown into an established nutraceutical company that is known for its systematic approach, with a history that dates back to 2016. Our greatest quality would have to be our unbridled passion for offering a superior quality product at an affordable price with unparalleled customer satisfaction. This is why we aim to always provide quality products to our customers. Our company has grown tremendously over the past five years, adding warehouses, manufacturing plants, and laboratories to complement our business nature.

Our customers' formulation needs are easily fulfilled through our own application; manufacturing & laboratory facility.


Remarkable Achievement

Our Wall of Fame



Moving Forward

To commemorate all the achievements along the years, Apex Biocare has changed the corporate identity of the company to a more minimalistic look in order to mark this milestone. Our goal is to establish a new, differentiated identity for customers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders.


Golden Bull Award

Business Recognition

As a multi-national based manufacturer, Golden Bull Award helps in boosting the confidence of our stakeholders both locally and internationally. Moreover, this recognition will help us gain more trust and recognition from suppliers, partners and consumers within our industries.


Super Health Brand

Brand Recognition

Developed by Apex Biocare, NuFinity®, a revolutionary company in the world of health, is an award winning brand of natural healthcare products. It is a trusted international brand for enhancing well-being and health. In addition, NuFinity® team members' morale was boosted with sense of pride.

The Journeys We Take

The Stories We Tell

In recent years, Apex Biocare has helped develop some of the most successful nutraceutical products available. It is a leading provider of patented ingredients and technology that is synergistically integrated to ensure the maximum benefit from nutraceuticals. We employ only the most highly qualified and experienced team of research and development experts to travel that travels relentlessly around the globe, picking the best ingredients and herbs for our products of the highest quality. It is imperative to ensure that our ingredients are pure and safe for our consumers by conducting meticulous research and conducting independent chemical and microbiological testing in GMP-approved laboratories. Our unique formulas contain superior-quality, ultra-pure source materials, and incorporate the latest scientific research to deliver enhanced health benefits. The products that we make comply with the International Inspection Convention for the Pharmaceutics Industry and the standards of good manufacturing practices that have been established by the health ministries in Malaysia, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

In winning the Golden Bull 2021, Apex Biocare Sdn Bhd has the opportunity to benefit from the vast global resources and opportunities available from this prestigious recognition. It will enable the company to take its success to the global stage. Continuing to grow consistently in this extremely competitive industry validates our endless potential. In our quest to become a global leader in nutritional food and health supplements, major milestones along the way will support our vision. We believe these outstanding qualities and clear vision of ours made us favorable for this award.

International & Advanced Formulation

Manufacturing with HACCP, GMP, JAKIM HALAL, International Certifications

Apex Biocare Sdn Bhd

Company History


Start with a small Business

Apex Biocare is an integrated company specializing in providing branded, safe and effective functional ingredients and dietary supplements. One of the leading suppliers in Taiwan, representing more than 30 world-class branded bioactive ingredients. We offer total solution services, ranging from providing raw materials, product concepts, suggesting products formulation, technical supports on efficacy and OEM/ODM for customized end products.


First Recognition

With the new-born brand - NuFinity®, Apex Biocare put it's feet in retail pharmacy outlets. It gained tons of business oppurtunities on creating multiple varieties of products for different client from different industry.


Growing into International

Apex Biocare manufacturing division planned to boost exports of NuFinity® health supplements to China, Indonesia and Thailand following the strong performance in Malaysia.